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Medication Waste Management

Medication Waste Management

Ordering Repeat Medication
Please only order what you need!

This is to reduce medication wastage and rising NHS costs.

• Check which medicines you need before ordering
• Let us know if you no longer require a medicine or you have stopped taking it
• Unused medicines cannot be re-issued again even if unopened
Talk to your GP, Nurse or Pharmacist if you are worried or need further advice.

Do your bit for your NHS:

Always check your bag of medicines before you leave the pharmacy and give back what you do not need.

Once medicines have left the pharmacy they cannot be recycled.

Do not stockpile medication. If you don’t take a medicine that is prescribed for you, don’t order it.

Do not share your medications with others, this is dangerous and puts others at risk.

Take any unused medicines to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

The NHS belongs to you, please do not waste medicines.

Please DO NOT use the website messaging service to inform the Surgery of your medical problem, it is for general information only. Thank you.
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