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Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS2)

Electronic Prescribing Service Release 2 (EPS2)

What is the EPS?

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows prescribers working in primary care settings to generate and transmit electronic prescriptions using their computer system. An electronic prescription is sent to EPS, where it can then be downloaded by a dispenser who has also upgraded their computer system to use EPS.  Patients have the option to choose, or ‘nominate’ a dispensing contractor to receive their electronic prescription automatically without the need for any paper. This process is designed to make life easier when it comes to ordering your repeat medication. You can select a designated pharmacy to deal with your medication requests on your behalf. Please ask your local pharmacist how to sign up to this new electronic prescribing service and complete a ‘nomination form’ with the pharmacy. If you have any questions about EPS2 please contact the Surgery and speak to a receptionist about how it works.

Please DO NOT use the website messaging service to inform the Surgery of your medical problem, it is for general information only. Thank you.
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